COVID-19 Update

At KOSC we are concerned for the well being of our campers, your children.  We are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation.  We are continuing to register for camps with the dates that we have listed on this website.  We want to remain as hopeful as possible!  We are preparing to make changes to dates for camps if needed, but we encourage you to PLEASE register, or start your registration process (no payment necessary to start the process) so we know what dates work best for you. 

If camps dates have to be changed or cancelled, we will refund any registration fees and payments. For now we are hopeful camps will proceed as scheduled! We want to host your kids at camp (and we are thinking you may be ready for a break too), so click HERE to begin your registration today!


Kids Outdoor Sports Camp (KOSC)

Kids Outdoor Sports Camp (KOSC) is dedicated to building our youths outdoors skills enabling them to engage in hunting and fishing opportunities, understand the importance of wildlife conservation management, learn to appreciate natural resources, and preserve our fishing and hunting heritage.

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